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Brought to you by Brendan Prost. A 23-year-old DIY filmmaker and student at Simon Fraser University.
Title: Strings That Tie to You Artist: Jon Brion 38 plays

From the wrinkles on my forehead
To the mud upon my shoe 
Everything’s a memory
With strings that tie to you

In my dream I’m often running
To the place that’s out of you
Of every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

Though a change has taken place 
And I no longer do adore her
Still every God forsaken place is always 
Right around the corner

Now I know it’s either them or me
So I’ll bury every clue
And every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

And every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

This movie is so full of penetrating, well articulated insights even the fucking soundtrack is ingenious. 

Nicholas Sparks’ don’t got shit on Spaces and Reservations.


"The only priority that really matters that can’t be compromised is saying exactly what you want. Being as honest to that thing that you’re interested in, that thing that’s at the heart of a movie that you really want to share with people. And no one fucks with that."

Brendan interviewed on Calgary’s Show Buzz.

Calgary filmmaker brings DIY esthetic, film-school education to third feature Spaces and Reservations →


Eric Volmer’s piece about Spaces and Reservations in Calgary’s major daily newspaper.

See you tomorrow Calgary film lovers.

"The only consideration I had when making Spaces and Reservations was making it as truthful to what I wanted to express as possible."

B.C. film student premieres feature at Rio | The Cascade l UFV's Student Press Since 1993 →


The script is written with the intent to give both characters equal voices. As they grow apart, the symmetry in their experiences is not something one usually finds in a Hollywood archetype. Instead of being written to serve a “purpose,” the characters are fluid and dynamic. Instead of looking for an end result, Prost says the film is “more about the experience of watching it happen.”

Title: Interview with Brendan Artist: The Arts Edge 79 plays

Brendan interviewed by Elaine Harder on The Arts Edge in 90.1fm.


Taylor Hastings, Jennifer Kobelt, Arianna McGregor, Dayleigh Nelson, and Ian McAndrew all talk about how they prepared for their role in Spaces and Reservations.

I love hearing actors talk about their work.


Candid behind the scenes footage shot during the production of Spaces and Reservations in August of 2012. Featured in this video are stars Zach White and Taylor Hastings, as well as cinematographer Jeremy Cox, assistant director Daniel Jeffery, camera assistant Sara Blake, sound recordists Calvin D’Silva and Will Ross, grips Marc-Olivier Harvey and Doralynn Mui.

Screenings of the film across Canada in May and June. Get tickets to one near you.

I think this video is a great example of just how on the same page Taylor Hastings and I were during the shooting. My direction sounds like total gibberish now, but she seems to get it at the time. And the scene we’re shooting here turned out totally great.


As he did in Choch, Zach White gives a performance that truly soars despite the relative quiet of his more introspective character this time around. White at times gives off a Michael Cera vibe here (I swear that’s a compliment), a vibe that sort of says “I’m essentially a good guy even when I’m a completely fucked up guy.” While these introspective, self-exploratory kinds of characters can be maddeningly self-indulgent, White magnificently makes us absolutely adore this guy even amidst the multiple layers of his humanity that unfold here.

Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Zach White as Jamie in Spaces and Reservations

My friend Zach giving a vulnerable and volatile performance as the lead in my new feature film.

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